Thursday, July 6, 2017

Utility Pole Replacement in Cambridge (Riverside)

Last night a wooden utility pole cracked at the base and fell toward the neighboring pole across the street. This caused the wires to droop to within ten feet of street level.  The fire department blocked the street around midnight. The pole was partially supported by a large tree which allowed service to be maintained all night and continued even during the new pole installation. There was no break in service. The old pole is temporarily attached to the new one until all services are transferred.  These include the transformer near the top of the pole. The highest voltage wires are at the very top pole. Typically the voltages are from 2 to 35 kV.  The transformer reduces the higher voltage to typical input for residential use -  120 to 240 volts.  These lower voltage wires are run below the transformer. Cable TV,  internet and telephone wires are run below the low voltage feeders - these are the lowest components on the utility poles.

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Stabilizing the old pole.

Removing the fence to access the pole. .Poles can be located on private land.

A horizontal cut is made with a chainsaw near the base.

Cables are detached from the pole to allow movement.

The old pole section below ground is removed.

A large auger drill is used to enlarge the original hole.

The top soil is pretty deep.

The new post is lifted into position before trimming to height.

Connecting a hydraulic chainsaw.

A hydraulic chainsaw
is used to trim the new post.

The trimmed post is placed
in the enlarged hole

"Post foam" (expanding plastic)  is used to
"set" the post in the ground.

Mixing the "post foam".for setting the post.

The trimmed-off section  of the new post.
The new post has a bigger  diameter than original.

The new post is now set , the stabilizer "claw" can be released.

The excess top soil is removed.

The old post is mounted on the new one with metal plate and large through-hole bolts.

A top connection needs to be placed.

The bucket arrives to connect the  posts near the top. 

Awaiting the bucket truck to make  upper connection.
Service truck.

The temporary base plate, and
trimmed post,
 are removed.

The upper connection is made.

Loading base and trimmed pole.
Phone cables still on old post.

The transformer and HV feed have
 been moved to the new post.

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The post.

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