Friday, February 13, 2009

Lastest CT Scan and Thanks to Many

Charles River Ice January 2003

It's Friday the 13th - the news is good - my MGH oncologist Dr. A says there is nothing on the scans to be concerned about at this point. My next scan is in three months. Having got here, I am in a thankful mode. I want to thank my MGH team: Dr. G, Dr. A, Dr. Z, Dr. H, and my great surgeon Dr. C, along with Emily O, NP; Esther O, RN, and Amy B. , Jill C-A, Ellen O. and all the nurses and specialists that have worked on me from head to toe. I also want to thank the staff at Blake 11 Dr. W & Dr. G for helping me through my recent issues. Without their recent work, there's no way I would be gallivanting across the Atlantic to skate the tracks and canals of the Netherlands.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back From Netherlands

Back from the Netherlands

I just got back from a one week skating holiday in the Netherlands. The main reason for my visit was to catch up with the Ying/Daavis family in Utrecht. I had not seen them for quite a while.

Speedskating - or simply skating as the Dutch call it - is the national winter sport so there are a lot of 400m ice tracks is such a small country - 23 main ones at least.
You can practice your dutch on this site. Check out the different kinds of skates on the "schaatssoorten" link.