Monday, May 24, 2010

Six Month Scans

I had my chest, pelvic and abdominal CT scans a few weeks back. Good news, no observable changes. Also, the radiologist said he does not need a followup MRI like the last several times - the stuff in my liver seems to be pretty static. Just in case, my onc asked me to come in this week for a CEA blood test. It's standard practice to do these, even though they are not that specific.

The off-shore oil well in the Gulf of Mexico continues to erupt a mile below the surface. It's been over a month - I'm not sure if the flow rate has diminished much, if at all. I doubt British Petroleum expected that much of a "gusher". In any case, it's a major disaster and I hope better regulations come out of it. I'm sure there's a way to measure the pressure in a reservoir prior to making a large hole in the earth. In this case a smaller drill hole would have been good enough.

The space shuttle program is ending this year. The last launch of the shuttle Atlantis occurred on May 14. Here is the youtube video courtesy of NasaTV.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mobile blogging

Posting this from my Android phone. It just occurred to me that this is a year of natural, and semi-natural, eruptions. The volcano in Iceland and the oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico are major, and continuing, events as I swype my first mobile post.

Tenth Anniversary of Surgery

It's been ten years since cancer surgery.  I have new camera. :)