Sunday, April 5, 2009

Springtime Without Chemo

Ice skating season is over in practice - my local ice rink is closed until late fall. This saves a bunch on electricity and also forces me to find alternatives. Since I love in-line skating on five-wheeler speedskates, it's not a big problem. I also like cycling. It's a lot easier on the body than in-lining on a bad surface (and most are). In-line wheels are made of solid polyurethane rubber and they transmit all the tiny bumps right up your legs. Pneumatic bicycle tires are a great invention - they absorb those high-frequency vibrations very well. I'm sure you've noticed how solid rubber tires are no longer in vogue. :)

Spring cleaning of in-line skates is a time to relax and bond with ones equipment. Bearings and wheels must be disassembled and evaluated.

Skating along the Charles River is quite convenient and the path on the Boston side, near BU has been recently redone. It is quite smooth and flat. The Charles river bike path is named after Dr. Paul Dudley White, a prominent Boston physician and cardiologist.

Tenth Anniversary of Surgery

It's been ten years since cancer surgery.  I have new camera. :)