Friday, October 8, 2010

Colonoscopy via Stoma #3 and other stuff

A few days back I had my third "annual" colonoscopy through my stoma.  The 4 litre preparation the day before was not too bad.  I watched episodes of  the "World at War" documentary series narrated by Lawrence Olivier (what a fine voice) on YouTube (in ten minute sections (those rules for youtube videos )).  I also ran a timer so I could drink about 200 mls every ten minutes.  After 200 minutes, the drinking is done. The output starts an hour or so after drinking starts and ends an hour or so after the last glass is drunk.  A few things were different from the last two (see posts from last year and the year before).  They have lightened up a bit on the IV cocktail (probably to move things along bit).  I did not have any amnesia and remember the procedure pretty well. I saw my colon - it looked an light orange color on the display. I was expecting a little pinker or redder but that's likely wrong.  Here's a clip from youtube.

Yes, it does look kind of pinky/orangey (the blood vessels look darker).

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