Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cycle Ten - Day 5

Hello all. The heat is on for Cycle 10. Hot weather I mean. Thankfully I'm not on oxaliplatin for the last four cycles (9 through 12). Having been on oxaliplatin in the winter, I know how bad the cold beverage thing can be. In winter time warm bevs are OK. But it's hard to go through a summer without a cold beverage with at least a little ice or maybe an ice cream or two. From my experience, I don't think the oxali users can do this. Very tough. Of course, we don't feel the effect of the sub 50 degree air on the hands, feet, face and throat. - yuk. Chemo is just bad - any time of the year.

For me now, it's mostly about staying hydrated. I do stagger a bit - other patients also report loss of balance. Mentally, the good weather is bad (and the bad weather is also bad). Feel like I'm losing out on summer activities. It's hard to be normal when you are are not. So you try to act normal - I think that's about the best one can do. Even when acting normal - you know it's act. e.g. when some asks - how's it going? what are you going to say - oh, I'm doing great - that would be real acting - so I tend to say "hanging in there" or "not toooo bad". These responses are somewhat more accurate. I am certainly "hanging" about right now.

Take care.

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Tenth Anniversary of Surgery

It's been ten years since cancer surgery.  I have new camera. :)