Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Mother's Hates and Fears

This morning we made a list. Here it is
(please note:  This is my mother's list,  not mine).
  1. Change (any kind of change)
  2. The Catholic Church
  3. Black People (kaffirs)
  4. Insects, snakes
  5. Heat waves, cold waves, snow, ice, hail, weather
  6. Air travel, air craft, anything that flies except birds
  7. Arabs, towel heads, Islam,  darkies, wogs
  8. Cheney, Palin, Jesus, Fox News
  9. Wall Street, landlords, capitalists,
  10. Mel Gibson,  o'Reilley, etc.
  11. Rap music, Rock, Pop, Michael Jackson
  12. Rev.  Al Sharpton,  Rev. Jesse Jackson
  13. Classic Phobias: claustro-, agora-, arachno-,  acro-, entomo-
  14. Foods:  pepper, chili pepper,  squid, oysters, snake, octopus
  15. Adolf Hitler (nee Schicklgruber) and all his despicable cronies
  16. Current clothing fashions - like torn schmattes (schmatte, rag)

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