Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The End of Kodachrome

Kodak announced yesterday that that Kodachrome will no longer be made. It's been around for almost three-quarters of a century. I don't know if it's freezable but I'm sure that many photographers, both amateur and professional, will be trying to preserve some rolls for a special event - the photographic equivalent of pulling an old bottle of champagne out of the cellar.

Kodak has prepared a nice slideshow demoing some of the photos taken with Kodachrome.

It's ironic that these slides are delivered via the www and displayed on a variey of current display devices from thumbnail to wall size. The analog slide show, using Kodak slide projectors and slide feeders, is a rare event these days. Perhaps this will allow me to have a Kodachrome party where guests will bring some of their slides. For a really large slide show click here .

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