Friday, February 13, 2009

Lastest CT Scan and Thanks to Many

Charles River Ice January 2003

It's Friday the 13th - the news is good - my MGH oncologist Dr. A says there is nothing on the scans to be concerned about at this point. My next scan is in three months. Having got here, I am in a thankful mode. I want to thank my MGH team: Dr. G, Dr. A, Dr. Z, Dr. H, and my great surgeon Dr. C, along with Emily O, NP; Esther O, RN, and Amy B. , Jill C-A, Ellen O. and all the nurses and specialists that have worked on me from head to toe. I also want to thank the staff at Blake 11 Dr. W & Dr. G for helping me through my recent issues. Without their recent work, there's no way I would be gallivanting across the Atlantic to skate the tracks and canals of the Netherlands.


flo said...

Hi Dave,
So glad to see you posting every once in a while. Think of you often and wondered how you were doing... guess skating in the Netherlands answered some questions.

Have tried to post before, but, had to register and then everything was lost... trying again.

Keep in touch, if not on UOAA, e-mail me...

p.s. I'm reregistered, so this should get to you.

flo said...
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DaveC said...

Thanks Flo

Tenth Anniversary of Surgery

It's been ten years since cancer surgery.  I have new camera. :)